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April 16, 2012 · Posted in Online Marketing 

In today’s world, people need to be more financially responsible than ever. Monthly expenses such as car insurance, grocery bills, gasoline, house payments, and car insurance are getting very expensive to deal with. It’s important to try and increase the amount of cash that you earn by a significant margin in order to live comfortably. Some people choose to work overtime hours at their job, while others try to work an additional job in their spare time. Some people may have occupations where they need to properly understand how to make money with tips and gratuity.

Generally people earn a tip doing exceptional job on a service they’ve performed for someone else. For example, if you’re in a restaurant and the waiter gives you tremendous service, it is usually in good taste to give them a big tip. However, if they’ve performed poorly and the food was slow to arrive, then you should probably decrease their tip amount.

Likewise, if you are working a job where you are tipped for your services, you should do your best to exceed your customer’s expectations. For instance, performers working as children’s entertainers can do a wide variety of extra things to be sure that they get tipped properly. They can do extra special face paintings, as well as making balloon animals for all of the children at the party.

Remember that people will judge you on your general appearance. This means that you need to take care of yourself and have proper hygiene. Brush your teeth a few times a day and shower every single morning. If you aren’t making an effort to take care of yourself, you will probably earn a smaller tip.

The more outgoing your personality is, the more someone is going to like you. Always try to smile as big as you can when you’re doing a service for someone. People prefer smiling and happy people to angry and cold people. If someone sees that you are yelling at other customers while on the job, you’re probably not going to get tipped. Always have a smile on whenever you are helping a customer.

People who have a sense of humor should try to use it to their advantage. The more someone laughs, the more they will like you. Generally this will result in a bigger tip.

Once you’ve learned the proper methods of how to make money with tips and gratuity, you’ll try your hardest to make tip money every day. The more outgoing you are and the better your personality is, the bigger the tip. Remember to treat the customers with respect and they will take care of you with a nice tip.

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