Junior Cert French: A Summer French Course to Help your Results

February 27, 2012 · Posted in Education 

The first state examinations you take after completing primary education in Ireland are the Junior Cert examinations. The Junior Cert, as it is commonly known, could have a effect on what level of exam you take for the Leaving Cert (higher, ordinary, foundation). Your performance in the Junior Cert does not determine whether you can carry on your education and learning, nonetheless it provides crucial preparation for taking the Leaving Certificate 2 or 3 years later.

Your Junior Certificate French examination is almost a training run for taking and passing the Leaving Certificate examination. If you should view sitting the examination this way, you’ll probably take it seriously and to be aware that succeeding gives a strong basis of success before you start the Leaving Cert syllabus.

3 various parts constitute the French Junior Certificate examination. Listening comprehension is valued at approximately 40% of your result, and reading is accountable for a little bit over 30%, lastly, the writing portion is worth 25%. Choosing a Junior Cert French summer training course will help equip you for the examination. The training course addresses all four aspects of learning a language: writing, oral, reading and listening, and it’ll familiarise you with the most popular verbs in French, which is certainly very important to the examination. This groundwork makes taking the Junior Certificate examination way less intimidating.

A residential language study course in French located in Ireland supplies the surroundings you’ll want to learn French in the fastest and most efficient way. Dedicate a couple weeks encompassed by French, and you’ll gain the confidence in your French skills necessary to succeed in the Junior Certificate. When you hear a language for a certain period of time and speak nothing but that foreign language, you will recognize that it is easier to master new words, to use correct syntax and structure and just expressing yourself generally.

The advantages of a summer immersion language study course additionally extend beyond being successful in the Junior Certificate exam. The overall self-confidence you get from the routine will serve you in other areas of your daily life as well. You’ll be able to visit French-speaking nations like Canada, several regions of Belgium and Switzerland with a lot more confidence, and you can make brand-new French-speaking buddies from all over the world. When the time comes to enter college and find a job, remaining fluent in French can be a clear plus that admissions officers and organisations would choose to see on your own application and Curriculum vitae.

Without needing to trouble yourself with regards to planning an international journey, one can learn the French language with out leaving home. The uncomfortable scenario of being all on your own in a foreign country where you are not proficient in its language will be avoided if you take a summer Junior Cert French course in Ireland.

Meet up with other individuals who want to learn French and prosper on the exam too during this program. You can learn from friends and guide each other establish the skills necessary to succeed in the Junior Certificate French examination.

Preparing for the Junior Certificate French exam? Learning French through english in school is tough, for most people, a Junior Certificate French summer course prior to exams is a great way to boost your knowledge and self-confidence.


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