Just Purchase A Different Item – Lawn Edger Tool Critique

January 15, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Good thing I bought an extra blade up front. I’m very satisfied.

It was one of the cleanest edges I’ve seen from an edger. I think the serrations on the blade really do help. It is lightweight and easy to use. I am no lawn care expert, but I think this is a great fit for someone with a small area to edge.

Get this one it a great product! I live on a corner and have a lot of property to edge. The edger does a great job where the edge of the sidewalk is vertical. Where the concrete is slightly tilted or curved, it does a reasonable job.

The handle, power head, and shaft all wobble in relation to each other. The housing is cheap plastic.

This edger has power! And it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and the handle folds in thirds for storage.

If I hadn’t bought this product, I’d still have this project to look forward to next weekend. The Edge Hog works great. I just purchased the new Edge Hog from Black & Decker and could not believe the power it has. I love the fact you can use it for trenching too-I just installed some outdoor lighting with it and use it around my garden beds and also along my sidewalks.

Shipment arrived in original box that had been cut and opened then taped closed. The edger was dirty and had scratches on it. After trenching and edging my lawn, the size of the blade reduced in size dramatically. Meaning, the thickest and durability of the blade isn’t as good, or as high of a quality of a blade, as the other competitors. This B * D Edger is an excellent product. The assembly was easy and when I proceeded to edge our sidewalk, after many weeks of overhanging grass growth, the ‘Edge Hog’ produced a nicely trimmed edge. The edger was able to cut through the turf with only minor difficulties. It did at one point start to overheat at a really thick muddy portion of the turf. I would tear up electric edgers about once a year. I was ready for gas this time but got a nice deal on one of these so I thought I’d give an electric one more try.

After the initial work it becomes easy, and it works. Hope this helps others who are having a hard time initially.

Then we lowered the depth to 1″ again, and with the edge guide still retracted, we placed it with the wheels on the curb side, and carefully avoiding the curb edge ran it along the edge. recliner chair electric.


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