Kartell Furniture And Foscarini Lighting For Best Interior Design

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Furniture and lighting plays a very important role in the interior design of a home. Furniture, which has been product of decorative art and artistic design, can definitely enhance the appeal and elegance of any part of your home. When choosing the perfect furniture and lighting for your home, you must go for that name which will be worth the money you will pay.

People intending to make good improvements on their home prefer the use of Kartell furniture along with Foscarini lights. They employ new technology along with the artistic and imaginative minds of their designers. This mixture of artisan elements achieves great by product which can last for the longest period of time. These companies are leading names when it comes to design and style. International customers are their consistent customers as they are lured by their very inspiring and unique pieces.

Kartell furniture has been the top choice when it comes to modern designs. Kartell is one of the best Italian furniture designers which specialize in modern accessories for home, modern lighting and environment furniture. Among their best selling piece is the Kartell Masters Chair which offers genuine functionality and made from great quality materials. They also have numerous design solutions which can fit every need of your home or office. Their designs are very solid and ergonomic which make every item look great in any corner of your house. These unique designs are coupled with combination of refined finishes with different functional colors. Since all their items are made from the highest quality of materials, you can be assured that it will be of service for long period of time.

One of the most important aspects of the design of your home is the lighting. This will be the one to accentuate everything in the room and is the one to have your dcor completed. Foscarini lights are one of the best names that you can find in the market. Their items are specifically designed to create comfortable and very soft kind of lighting that will not be harsh on the eyes. Their lighting set will deliver a wonderful ambience that all of the people in the place will surely adore. It has been the tradition of foscarini lightings to have nature themes and you can choose from the wide array of choices that design which will best suit you. Tuscan style can definitely be enhanced by earthly designs of lighting fixture. The warm tones of brown or bronze can be very striking especially when placed outdoors as it will give a good rustic appearance.

Foscarini is still committed in creating excellent and sophisticated products which can cater to every customer’s needs. To prove this commitment is their continuous work for the development of twiggy lamps. These are very sleek and nimble design which is will greatly enhance the elegance of anyone’s home. Selecting a color of this lamp which contrasts that color of your interior will put more sophistication to it. foscarini lightings are indeed very versatile and deliver elegant look for every home.

The companies we choose to work with have been selected very. We work with include Vitra, Flos, Tom Dixon, Timorous Beasties, Kartell and many more! Check out Kartell Masters Chair for details!


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