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November 30, 2011 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

A cocktail glass is typically a long-stemmed glass which has a bowl in a cone shape on the top and a flat base. It can be used for serving cocktails or martinis, as the shape helps to maintain the chilled condition of the beverage and also imparts the aroma faithfully. You can hold the stem of the cocktail martini glasses without letting your body temperature affect the drink and the wide bowl offers surface tension and places the drink just near the nose, to get the full aroma of the cocktail or martini that is served in it.

The cocktail martini glasses are made either in glass or plastic and the drink can be easily sipped from them. There are many shapes, sizes and colors available and they can complement any drink that is served in them. There are glasses of all types, such as tall and short ones. There are those with wide mouths or narrow mouths. The size of the normal cocktail glass is 4.25 oz but you can now buy them even in 6 oz or up to 12.5 oz and more. There are the clear ones, as also the different colors such as pink, blue and so on.

Another variety of cocktail martini glasses are the ones that have monograms on them. These are painted or etched in various designs, and it is even possible to personalize them with a recipe, a quotation, caption and so on. You can easily use them as gifts, especially for business promotional gifts.

There are hundreds of martini recipes and one is being added almost every other day. But one needs the proper martini glass to serve these. For instance, you have the cosmopolitan martini recipe which is a famed recipe, and this must be served in the equally famed cosmopolitan martini glasses. There are several designs available; right from the hand blown ones to the machine crafted ones.

The cosmopolitan martini glasses are truly gorgeous in the hand blown variety, as they have various designs with monograms and other prints on them. You can use them as memorable gifts as they can be availed in the form of sets that range from two, four and even six.

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