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April 13, 2012 · Posted in Education 

The Rocket Spanish course is a great software program to learn Spanish with. It has been designed to teach the Latin American version of Spanish and it offers a variety of ways to learn Spanish while having fun at the same time. There are three different games that you can use to learn Spanish with in this language software: Mega Audio, Mega Vocab, and Mega Verbs. These games have been designed to allow you to have fun and speed up your learning by developing three areas that are crucial in understanding the methodology behind the Spanish language.

Rocket Spanish Mega Audio Game:

The Mega Audio game has over a 1,000 Spanish words on various topics. Basically, you select a topic that you are interested in learning about and an audio tract associated with that topic will be played. You listen to the audio tract and select 1 of 6 pictures that are associated with that audio tract. When you select the correct picture you get 6 points and for every incorrect picture you lose a point. This game allows you to develop your listening skills. Skills that are extremely important to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Rocket Spanish Mega Vocab Game:

Mega Vocab is another simple game that teaches you over a 1,000 vocabulary words by allowing you to match English words to Spanish words. A really cool feature associated with this game is the feature that allows you to add your own pictures and Spanish-English words to those pictures. These new photos will then be added to the stock photos so that you can be tested on these as well. This is a very good learning tool because you can take 15 minutes a day, play a game, and build your Spanish vocabulary.

Rocket Spanish Mega Verbs Game:

The final game that comes in the Rocket Spanish software package is the Mega Verbs game. Mega Verbs is a little more than just a game. This learning tool focuses on teaching you important verbs that you can use in everyday conversations in any Spanish speaking country. The hardest part of learning Spanish is learning the various tenses for each verb. Mega Verbs approaches this by showing you the verb, its English description beside it, and the tense that it wants you to translate the verb into. You then type the verb in its correct tense to receive credit for the question. The more you practice with this game the better you will get. This game will help you in your ability to write and communicate effectively with Spanish speakers.

The games that come in the Rocket Spanish package are only one of its many features that can help you develop your ability to communicate effectively in the Spanish language.

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