Learning ESL in Toronto

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Communication 

English is a first very important language for foreigner students that come to study in Toronto. This is because whether they arrive here long-term to study universities, or they are short-term international students, learning English and our western culture. Both can consequently help them to advance their careers at home. Many English schools in Canada, although mostly private, are well equipped to make their goals achievable. Most language schools are commercial in their nature and offer these courses for a fee to young students, but there are also others that teach adults. Many schools offering English as a second language in Toronto are usually found online by the students, while they are still in their native countries. Prospective students can sign up and pay their fees online, or by a bank transfer. The English school will help them completely with all aspects of their arrival to Toronto, Canada.

Some younger International students might prefer to go to private boarding schools to study for the English as a second language together with their regular academic curriculum. This is more expensive option, but provides also general education. Parents, who are mostly thousands of miles away, prefer it. It will give them a peaceful mind, when they know their children are secure and safe, they worry less. Students, who have gained a deeper understanding of English, or those who it is their first language, normally do not need to take any ESL courses. They study advanced English. For foreigner students, this course is very good all-round experience to be in Toronto, while it greatly improves the students’ command of the English language. This is very advantageous in the long run because it will help students to blend in and understand the Western culture and Canadian way of life, as well.

A boarding school can be an excellent choice for those young, arriving to Toronto alone. This is because these students are many miles away from home and need to be safe and secure. In addition to this, their parents also get enough peace of mind knowing that their children are at a boarding school, and not some hostel or hotel for that matter and they live and learn with others, equal of their age. Students who take this course sharpen their command of English and make new international friendships for live. It is an opportunity to learn not just English, but those all-important social skills. They also blend in well with the other students who understand English well or it is their first language. Learning of English is not just for children and those younger, but also for adults of all age. Absolute beginner’s classes are often offered by local community centers and usually at no charge. They will not prepare you for the university studies, but they will provide the basis to live and work in Canada or to your further academic education.

It is important to enquire if the school that your child is attending offers English as a second language in the curriculum or not. This is because if it is in the curriculum, then it is charged in the normal tuition fee. On the other hand, if the course is not included in the curriculum, then it means that one has to pay extra for it. In addition to this, the student will also have to remain in school longer than the rest. For adult students, they usually have two ways in which they can learn Toronto ESL. One of the ways is to attend a normal class and study for a given period of time. The other way, which most people prefer, is to take the course online. This involves studying, doing ones researches and even exams online. Students who grasp faster should choose the online option while those who need the presence of a teacher should learn the course the normal way. Studying language online requires a great deal of self-discipline, and it can be a good way to learn the grammar. Nothing will beat presence of support group in the form of classmates, and a great teacher to initiate learning conversations. The English which is taught in Toronto, it is normally more of American English, rather than the British. In Canada, we would like to think of Canadian English above all. There is a small difference between British English and American English. The difference is in the spelling of few words, few phrases and few other idioms. Students that undertake the ESL course are normally able to distinguish between the two types of English easily.

ESL lessons comprise of vocabularies, grammar and pronunciation. It is advisable for a student to ensure that the teacher who is teaching ESL is qualified to do so and do not be shy to ask questions about it. Fast-growing segment for private schools in ESL is teaching business language and writing skills to members of Toronto business community. Many have realized that demands of business life to communicate and write in proper English are not on par with their present level. Most of them are already universities graduates, but they sign up for special English courses provided by the same private schools that teach ESL classes to the beginners. Learning can be never ending. Writer of this article has arrived to Toronto few years ago and joined ESL class for absolute beginners.

Toronto offers many benefits and opportunities to explore for international students learning English in Toronto.


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