Lime Green and Aqua Bedding: Top most Comforter sets and Bedroom Plans for All

March 22, 2012 · Posted in Pregnancy 

If you think about buying the teen girls’ lime green and aqua bedding set. The picture of the bedroom where the comforter set is employed just looks too formal or fancy to me. What can I do to generate it look like it’s decorated for the teenage girl and less like a master bedroom?

Do you think that it might be too much to paint the sack walls bright, lime green? I really don’t like the thinking behind a robin’s egg azure bedroom. I like the comforter set but I’m going to need some funky bedroom decorating suggestions to make it work. I like the heart patterns within the comforter and the striped your bed sheet.

The lime green along with top brands aqua bedding set which you have your eye on is is incredibly cute and I believe that you could easily get the funky bedroom design that you are searching for by decorating with goods that are more commensurate with its style than the decorations which are used in staging the photo that i assume were scanned on the comforter set package.

What makes the master bedroom picture seem too fancy for just a teenage girl’s bedroom is the furniture. The antique white painted furniture might be right up a mothers alley but most teens and twins could have different ideas. I have no strategy for knowing what the headboard of your respective bed looks like, but if it’s funky that might be a good start.

On painting the bedroom walls in lime green, I believe that might be too much with your green and aqua bedding collection. Why don’t you get one of these bright teal blue as opposed to the pale blue that you do not care for and see how that works? I hope these tips help you also remember to share your pictures when you finish decorating!

This bright, lime green bedding sets for women are best viewed whilst wearing sunshades! Neon hot pink along with green comforters in zebra print might not be your taste (as well as mine) but there is absolutely no denying that they are attention grabbers and plenty of fun to use in decorating an adolescent girl’s bedroom.

There are great internet vendors (our dear sponsors among them) where one can search for best bohemian bedding, and there are price points there to suit every budget.


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