Make A Fantastic Boundary For Your Property With An Evergreen Hedge.

May 10, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

When planting a boundary hedge for your property, the best option could be to use evergreens which will provide excellent year round cover.

They cost slightly more than deciduous varieties but they are always worth it.

There are a number of benefits to using evergreen shrubs for your hedge. Evergreens are very effective for privacy screening and disguising unsightly views, as well as being capable of reducing the unwanted effects created by pollution.

There are numerous great evergreen hedge plants to choose from, so you should be able to easily find a selection of plants that you love to suit your project perfectly. Keep in mind that it is not essential to choose only one type of plant as you will often achieve far more interesting results by combining several varieties for additional texture, tone and interest.

Two of perhaps the most common choices for a great looking evergreen border are Yew and Cherry Laurel.

Yew (Taxus baccata) likes quite a lot of water, especially when it is establishing itself It is a very dark green, very dense evergreen. Providing there is reasonable drainage it is very easy to grow. You can expect it to grow up to 30 centimeters every year.

Laurel is known for its beautiful large glossy leaves. It is a really hardy plant, which can grow as much as 60 centimeters per year. Laurel adds interest by producing red berries during autumn, followed by pretty white flowers in the spring. Although it does not grow well in coastal areas it is easy to grow anywhere else. As with most evergreens, Yew and Laurel will keep their shape well if you trim them annually.

Bamboo or Escallonia would provide a very different result. Bamboo will provide a unique architectural look. The low maintainance involved in looking after Bamboo has made it an increasingly popular plant. You can quickly create a wonderful boundary using your choice of Bamboo. Seek advice when selecting Bamboo as certain varieties can be invasive. Certain varieties are much less of a problem than others and you can choose from, green, golden and black varieties to choose from.

Escallonia is a great choice for a splash of vibrancy as it remains covered with gorgeous red flowers for almost half of the year. It can grow up to 45 centimetres each year and is a great choice of evergreen with small, dark green foliage.

Go to your local garden centre or have a look online for more ideas and advice.

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