Make Flashcards with Leitner System for a More Efficient Studying Style

June 20, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Studying can be a long and hard process. This is certainly true especially to those individuals who work as a teacher or instructor. However, items can now be easy through the use of learning tools.

Totally different tactics and tools are now made available to teach and learn in a fairly easy way. With the use of flashcards teaching can now be simple and pleasurable. These are available in diverse kinds and are seen to be really functional. A lot of the educational shops provide flashcards which features numbers, colors and shapes that are best in aiding a kid’s learning. However in the event you believe you can’t locate a flashcard that would match your demands, it’s also achievable to create and customized the own flashcards according to the choices. That is possible with the aid of a flashcards maker.

You’ll find different tools which are created to aid a person customize flashcards in case he/she is not acquainted enough with flashcards maker. One of the most favored flashcard systems of all time is the Leitner System. This system is named after its German author and a famous commentator Sebastian Leitner. Others also coined this as Leitner Principle, Leitner Cardbox System and Leitner Method. In this system, students uncover through spaced repeating; thus, helping them keep what they’ve figured out and studied quicker and more efficiently. Not to mention, you can make own flashcards very easily with this method without a lot fuss and hassles.

Leitner system is mentioned to help one make flashcards the quick way but there is a need for one to initially understand how it operates. The idea of this highlighted system is not so difficult as the other systems. You can uncover in just a few time and utilize it as a good teaching tool quickly enough. The underlying principle behind the system is that the easier materials are less repeated and on the contrary, harder items to remember are more often repeated. Different flashcards appear from time to time simply because the system adheres to a spaced repetition where flashcards comes with consistent schedule of appearance. Through this, the learner will be able to cope more frequently with the items that he is having a tough time recalling or learning. As for those materials that are very easy to recall, they’re still demonstrated and studied, albeit less frequent, to make certain that they’re still retained in the mind.

How is it attainable to make flashcards with the aid of this system? This system has easy steps which are not difficult to follow. When you are new in this activity, acquiring an object that you would make a cardbox is the initial move you need to do. This will be divided into several compartments that will hold a deck of flashcards with each other. All of the flashcards will need to commence in the 1st deck. Then, to start the learning, the student will remember everyone of the materials displayed on the individual flashcards. Materials that are recalled will be forwarded to the next compartment, third, fourth, and up the final compartment where it lastly remains. If they aren’t recalled accurately, they’re returned to the 1st compartment and are forward again to the following compartments until they are correctly recalled. There is a consistent schedule that’s implemented by each and every single to make certain that every flashcard will be remembered accurately.

The tactics on how to make own flashcards are really easy to follow. It may have been created a very long time ago however its effectiveness still hasn’t disappeared. Fun is something that’s included to this concept.

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