Making Sure The Wedding Couple Gets Sent off with the Right Toast

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Doing a toast is a responsibility that puts fear in the speaking hearts of most participants in your marriage party. While it isn’t usually a thing which is particularly long or involved, it is public speaking (that will not sit well with a lot of people) and really puts people in an uncomfortable position.

When you are arranging a wedding and know that almost all members of this wedding ceremony are hams who won’t mind the entire “public speaking” thing, then of course keep the traditional toasts with dad, the best man and the like taking their expected turns for the microphone.

However if you’re looking for something unique, either since you would you like to save putting people immediately, you even simply would you like to take action different and fun, read on.

You may also decide that a person at every table be asked to give you a toast. Number the tables and at various intervals, have the MC or DJ call a number, which will require guests at that table to determine amongst themselves who will provide the toast at that table. Certainly, multiple persons can whenever they like, though there should likely be at least one ham at every table who’ll enjoy standing and toasting the newlyweds.

Say you happen to have plenty of public speakers in the group, and finding willing toast participants cannot be considered an issue. However you should take into consideration what the topic could possibly be. There’s a easy solution to this problem. You can provide open-ended topics for the toast speakers. Say you are providing an “open mike” toast arrangement, where anybody can request the microphone and offer a toast. The DJ, MC or somebody else in the wedding party (maybe the maid of honor or best man) can offer the speaker a surprise topic, which might be pulled from a champagne flute or drawn out of a floral arrangement on the head table. There might be slips of paper to choose, or merely one sheet of paper numerous toast ideas.

The speaker might see fit to finish this sentence, “I recall when (groom’s name here) was a little boy, he always …” or answer this question, “When was (insert bride’s name here) at her silliest? Tell us the story plot”. You could have to provide each speaker a short while or two to harness their thoughts, but you’re sure to have some interesting stories, some unique anecdotes and several different perspectives on the bride and groom.

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