Managing A Moving Checklist

July 8, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Relocation is a period of tremendous change, however you can control the load and the cost by taking control over the task. Among the most beneficial moving control devices is the list or house inventory.

House Inventory Meaning

Inventory is a checklist of the items being moved from the present house towards the brand new one. This record is very necessary because instead of calculating, the household owner has an exact idea of his or her things for all of the most precious things.

How to Come Up with a moving list

As a rule of thumb, begin the packing process at least 30 days in advance of the move. When possessions are packed up, take account of them on the checklist. You can make the item on a clean paper, however it will much effective in coming days if you use a spreadsheet plan and a laptop or tablet. Each belonging must at least have an appraisal, a name and a hint of the moving box where it is filed. For the modifier as well as name, preciseness is not urgent. Go for a name that distinguishes the item, and when appraising, be fairly accurate and bear in mind insurance.

Examining the Record

At the end of each packing day, take some time to look the list over. When it is programmed, arrange the list by cost and other elements. Otherwise, simply scan for the biggest values. Add up those big prices and then obtain the sum. Checking the record will give you a powerful idea of what you hold and what you are hauling.

Mark Down

When you sort the list by price, an advantage is that it provides a view of all the inconsequential items; items that have low actual value and no sentimental value. Most often, it is pricey to move these belongings than to dispose them and replace them location. Marking down is the process of doing this, and it will save a lot of money.

Insurance Policy

Another reward of this process is knowing the whole worth of your belongings. Your relocating contract most likely features some coverage. When you have householder’s insurance plan, then that probably includes to it. Is that overall value good enough? If not, then consider adding to it with moving insurance.


Whenever the movers are filling your cartons, use a version or example of the house checklist as a record. Put a check mark all the boxes when they enter in the truck. Take down notes as necessary. Ultimately, have the manager of the movers sign on the inventory.


On the location, use the house inventory to mark out on boxes as they are shifted from the truck towards the house. If a property or moving carton has any damage, check it out together with the manager right away. Should there are ruined or missing out things, file the claims at once.

The home inventory is a list of the transported things from the current home to the new one.


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