December 20, 2011 · Posted in Real Estate 

There are many motives to buy property in the Limousin; the companionable French people, low crime rates, lovely weather and cheap property prices are just some.

Although Limousin is not the main choice for investment it has developed in recent times making the investors in France thereby to think.

Whether you have intended to live there for a short period or on a permanent basis or to buy and sell later, the decision to buy a property in the Limousin certainly has great advantages.

Market prices would get a boost in the Limousin as a result of the election of a new government in France that gives a special thought to areas of investing in France.

Property to the south of Limousin in the Dordogne, as well as to the north in the Loire Valley, are beginning to turn over priced which is an indication that prices in Limousin are possible to start rising as well.

A few years ago, transport infrastructure in the Limousin was rather lacking. Now with the proliferation of budget airlines, travelling to and from Limousin to other parts of France or anywhere else in Europe is fast, convenient and comparatively cheap.

The outstanding railway network makes train travel in France convenient and means that you can travel to the Limousin from Pairs in just two hours.

Other than being an efficient communications infrastructure and a great place for investment, the Limousin is a marvellous place to live.

The weather is pleasant, the vegetation of the landscape is on hand, and most importantly Limousin is a secure place for children who can play outside. There are plenty of small local shops selling fresh produce, including the outstanding French bakeries.

Limousin Real estate presents an interesting option if you are searching for the quaint provincial lifestyle. To learn more about French public holidays click on the preceding hyperlink.


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