Massage Therapy For Sharpening PerFormance

February 25, 2012 · Posted in Sports 

Is your health really a priority in your life? Of course, we all answer yes. However, the reality is that we do not take good care of ourselves as we should. We are under more pressure and stress, then perhaps at any other time in history. We try to ignore this and try to work through it without realizing the devastating long term affects on our bodies. We need new ways to reduce stress. You may not have realized that you can effectively reduce your stress with massage therapy from a massage chair.

What happens to us when we come under stress? Stress causes a chemical reaction in our bodies. We become nervous and anxious. We start to worry. All of these are chemical reactions that need a way to reverse. Massage therapy is effective in reversing these affects.

Most people think a massage being delivered by a masseuse, but massage chairs are an effective means to receive a full body massage. They can massage you from your head to your toes. They are very effective in helping to release out the build up of toxins in the body.

There are a whole range of benefits from receiving massage therapy. There are numerous studies that show massage therapy to improve your range of motion of joints, relax your muscles, remove toxins from the muscle tissue, increases blood and lymph flow and increase awareness. The one caveat is that massage therapy must be received on a periodic basis. Just like diet and exercise, you need to perform this with a regular frequency to really get the benefits.

As the studies point out massage therapy needs to be received on a recurring basis. This is also one of the challenges of massage therapy. We need a convenient and easy way to gain continuous access to massage therapy. Convenience is where a massage chair is an indispensible asset. A massage chair is always available and you never need an appointment. But best of all, you can get a full body massage in a matter of minutes. Talk about time savings and convenience!

We will be the first to admit that getting a massage from human hands is definitely the best method. There is just something special about the touch of a human that has no comparison. But then again, getting this on a regular basis is where the real benefit is obtained.

One of the ways a massage chair can save you time is that the massage is performed at different parts of your body simultaneously. A masseuse on the other hand, will massage just one part of your body and then move on to the next. A full body massage typically takes 50 minutes. A massage chair can perform the same amount of massage therapy in 10 minutes.

Another important way a massage chair can help is by saving you money. A massage chair can be as little as $3 per hour of massage therapy. Compare this to a masseuse who typically runs $50 per hour plus tip. Massage chairs have a clear economic advantage. This is the typical tradeoff between human labor versus machine labor.

So is our health a priority? Do not just pay it lip service. It is your life. Are you just making another New Year’s resolution that lasts for a few days or are you going to take care of yourself. Take a first step and get a routine of massage therapy going. How hard could it be to come home, take a seat and get a nice, soothing massage? You are probably already to start to relax just thinking about it. Take the next step and check out some massage chair recliners and start to counterbalance your stress.

Find out how Massage Therapy can improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you are interested learning more about massage chair recliners, we have Massage Chair Reviews on all of the top massage chair brands. We have a fantastic variety and competent, friendly customer service. Make your health a priority.


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