Maximum Home and Mortgage Payment Protection with Insurance

April 13, 2012 · Posted in Finance 

According to recent events and news all over the United Kingdom, people who may have bought their own houses through a mortgage loan are susceptible to suffer from lose their homes because they were not able to pay for their monthly insurance dues. This is also because of the fact that lots of workers experience unemployment or job redundancy and this would result to them being unable to pay for their usual monthly expenses.

Did you know that around 40% of the population in Britain acquired mortgage loans without the necessary mortgage payment protection insurance which may go with it? This is quite an alarming number considering the effects of not protecting your mortgage payments. Given that the world is currently experience a financial turmoil, families are affected, most especially the income of the primary earners or bread winners of the family. If you are the only one earning for your family, and if your family is depending on you for the rest of their expenses this might be some very bad news for you.

With the global financial crisis biting and family income is being largely affected, particularly when primary earners of the family face unemployment. This is bad news for everyone especially the ones who are the only person earning for their family. According to another set of statistics, it was found that a lot of individuals have also ceased in paying their life insurance obligations. We all know that this is not a good thing. What if something bad happens to your health and you are the primary earner of your family, how will you be able to provide for your family’s needs?

Based on some additional statistics, a lot of people are also not that diligent in paying for their financial obligations, especially with the likes of life insurance. This is not a good thing and this can lead to bigger problems. If you do not pay for your monthly insurance your bills might pile up and you might be placed in great debt. You would not want that to happen to you right as this may result to more problems in the future.

In addition to that, some findings from another research indicated that roughly 7 million people in the United Kingdom has a collective exceptional balance in their mortgage expenses which may be equal to more or less than 300 billion pounds. This also puts an individual’s asset and properties in great danger.

Not only that, what if the primary of the family would pass away? Without any type of insurance, the family will be left with nothing to work on and to deal with their monthly payments. If you have your own Mortgage payment protection cover you may not have to think about these problems anymore. Instead of worrying about how you may go on with your life should you face unfortunate events such as sickness and unemployment, mortgage payment insurance does this work for you.

Generally speaking, income protection cover and mortgage payment protection insurance are to essential financial products an individual may have. If you are still thinking which one to take out, you must think about your priorities and your current situation. For someone who has a big family who is expecting your provision, income protection may be essential while individuals with a mortgage loan might opt for mortgage insurance for maximum security and protection.

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