Mortgage Loan Market: Why Should Homeowners Refinance Home Mortgage Loan in Falling Housing Market?

October 5, 2011 · Posted in Mortgages 

Current economical environment has negatives and positives for homeowners. Some focuses on adversities, others take the opportunities presented. Ordinary people have no control over what is happening to housing prices, interest rates and unemployment. They have to work their way around these problems.

However, in San Diego county, the mortgage industry lost workers as financial and loan companies are finding it difficult to maintain the job levels that existed during the boom market of the past five years. This is a trend that many analysts say will continue, especially in once red hot real estate markets such as San Diego and Phoenix.

Many economic analysts, while hopeful about the job growth in November, are worried about the real estate sector. If real estate companies and construction companies continue to shed jobs over the coming year, it will certainly have an effect on the number of jobs in the state, as well as the strength of the economy.

These days mortgage brokers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority, which controls the type of advice and information that should be provided to clients. All mortgage brokers are required to offer complete transparency in all aspects ensuring that you understand all the advice you have been given, and to provide you with written illustrations of how each product they recommend will work for you. When choosing a mortgage broker, check that they are indeed regulated by the FSA, and then question their experience in dealing with the CCJ mortgage market. Not all brokers will have experience in the CCJ mortgage loan market, and it’s very important that you get advice from an adviser who knows the products available and has a relationship with the lenders. Get this right and they will be able to recommend the best products for you and be in a position to speak directly to their contacts at the lenders if there are any problems with your application.

Even the house prices go down further; they are sorted for a long while. Knowing that the house prices cycle will come back, all they may need to do is to lock the low rates in and wait. For many homeowners who are comfortable in their home, high home prices would only provide physiological comfort. Since they would not sell their home, high or low house prices may not really be a concern. What should be a real concern is that they can afford to make their mortgage payments and refinancing now may help them to do just that.

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