Munich – More Than Oktoberfest

November 3, 2005 · Posted in Europe, Travel 

With a population of 1.3 million, Munich is the third largest city in Germany as well as the capital of Bavaria. Munich has a rich history, with many historical monuments and museums. It is also famous for Oktoberfest and beer in general.

Following World War II, the painstaking rebuilding of many historical structures and monuments successfully restored the look of the old city. The center of town features the spacious Marienplatz, a large open plaza containing the old and the new town halls. Also in the city are three surviving medieval city gates. There are also many fine old churches such as the Romanesque Peterskirche, which is located very close to Marienplatz. Overlooking the Viktualienmarkt, the most popular market in Munich, is the Gothic hall-church named Heiliggeistkirche, which was converted to Baroque style in 1724.

The most famous building in the city center is the Frauenkirche and serves as a Cathedral for the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. Nearby is Michaelskirche, the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps. From the city center run four grand 19th-century avenues that connect the intercity with the suburbs. These are lined with magnificent buildings, galleries, museums, exclusive shopping and public buildings.

In fact, Munich is so overflowing with attractions that there are too many to list. This is a city brimming with many beautiful parks, wonderful museums, lively street life and of course great beer. In fact, Munich is by far the city most Germans will say they’d prefer to live in. Although Munich may be Germany’s most expensive city, it is for a reason. There is a high quality of life to be enjoyed in Munich.

There are several times of the year when Munich becomes an extra special place. The first is during Oktoberfest, which is a two-week festival known as the “largest people’s fair in the world”. The other time of year that Munich has a special offering is during December with the Christmas market in Marienplatz, with a wide array of stalls selling all sorts of Yuletide decorations and goodies.


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