Neighborhood And Timing Are Things You Should Know When Buying Real Estate

December 12, 2011 · Posted in Australia & Pacific 

There are many things you must know when buying real estate. Usually a property deal is a major transaction involving large sums of money and long term commitments. There are possibilities of very large profits, and possibly great losses too.

Timing is very important. Like all other markets, real estate markets move in waves. At times it seems that prices are rising inexorably and will never stop surging ahead. That is why many people leap in feeling that if they don’t make an instant move they will never be able to catch the wave.

Although it is not always possible to choose precisely the best time to buy it helps to know where one is in the cycle. There can be no doubt that the best time to buy is when the general market is just beginning to swell on a surge that will last for five years or longer.

When banks are selling properties that they have re-possessed from clients who are unable to service mortgages that they took out in good times it is a good time to scrutinize what is for sale. Although one always needs to be wary when dealing with banks there is at least a chance that they may be forced to sell at a price that is lower than they would like and therefore reasonable

Bargain prices always need to be treated with suspicion, even when the reason for fire sale prices seem apparent. A professional building inspector may be a worth while investment. However his report should be read carefully . Almost every building has some defects and it is not necessarily a shrewd move to pass up a bargain on the grounds of a few minor defects.

There are some areas where high winds or shifting clay might be environmental hazards that affect all houses but the area could still be a good locality because of the views, or some such characteristic. In such cases minor defects need not deter a buyer, since the advantages could outweigh the disadvantages. For example cracks are permanent features of houses in some localities that are popular for other reasons that outweigh the propensity to have cracked walls.

Buyers of property need to know about the importance of locality. When a location gets a good reputation and starts to attract upmarket or trendy inhabitants the scene is set for real estate profits. Conversely a road or sewage works that is built in a particular area can ruin it as a residential locality forcing prices sharply down.

The character of the locality is just another one of the things you must know when buying real estate. Town authorities should offer reliable information about plans for future developments that could alter the locality drastically. Agents can pass on common perceptions about the reputation of an area. However, the best way to make an independent assessment is to take to the streets, walk about observantly and listen to what the local residents have to say.

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