Numerous Useful Facts Regarding The Sound Of Smoke Alarms Chirping

July 24, 2012 · Posted in Family 

House fires are more common than you think. In most cases injury and death are actually preventable if you hear the smoke alarms chirping in time. When you install a first alarm smoke detector, you will be giving yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and a good chance of surviving if it ever happens to you.

A fire can get out of control in only minutes. Leaving a pan to boil dry on the stove or hanging washing to near the heater to dry can cause a fire that unchecked will very quickly rage through your home destroying everything in its path. Detectors are not expensive and for the peace of mind you will get, they are priceless.

A detector will pick up the smoking fire and will alert you to the danger. If a fire starts in the night a quality alarm will wake you with a piercing sound so you will be able to evacuate your home quickly. Advanced detectors also have multiple frequency alerts for those who are hard of hearing.

Placement of the detector is very important too. Do not place it above your stove; it may go off as you are cooking. Place it just outside the kitchen if there is an open entrance. Also place them in the hallways of your home.

When a fire alarm needs its battery changing or a service it will emit a repetitive chirping sound, possibly causing you to wonder where the cricket is. This sound will be repeated every 30-60 seconds and is purposely designed to get your attention in the most annoying way possible. This way it ensures that you will replace the battery just to shut it up!

Here are some reasons your detector may make that chirping noise. The battery may need replacing, or if your alarm is hardwired, there is no power supply. The detector may be broken. There is dirt built up in the unit preventing it from functioning properly. Nothing is more important as your first alert smoke alarm and ensuring the safety of yourself and your family, which is why it is so important that you install a first alarm smoke detector.

Make a date in your diary to change the battery twice a year, by doing this you make sure that your detector will always be ready in case of a fire. It is important that the detector is tested every month so you are sure that it is working properly. If your alarm has already gone off over the year due to fires it is possible that the battery will need to be replaced again. You might want to think about a Firex smoke alarm.

Keep the unit clean and make sure there is no dirt buildup, that could prevent the smoke from triggering the sensor and preventing the unit from alerting you to a potential fire in time. With a consistent routine, you will be sure that your detectors are in good working order, so that if you should hear the smoke alarms chirping, you will be prepared. With a good home system, you will be protecting your family and giving yourself great peace of mind.

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