One Way Car Rentals

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Travel, Worldwide 

Sure is a lot of attention being paid to one way car rentals lately.

Whether it is the lack of money from the business side or the vacation traveler side, the fact remains that one way car rental options are suddenly a very big deal.

Just take a look at the economy again to see just how this shift in how people rent cars has not only happened but has come to stay. It is wild.

We all know that the big players in the one way car rentals game are Budget Car Rental and Thrifty Car Rental and National Car Rental and what is interesting to most is how quickly each of those big car rental brands has had to adopt one way rentals for cars.

And yes, lest we not forget, there are also one way truck rentals that have exploded in business as well.

But think about the vast difference the one way rental represents. In the old days you rented a car and had to return it where it was rented from with that full tank of gas.

Not any more.

But the new way of the world is that people are now wanting to rent a car one way these days. People want to have the option of renting a car in one location and returning it in another and that is a huge business shift for the biggest car rental companies.

Even Avis Car Rental has made a dedicated effort to create new ways to rent cars one way only.

Just ask Expedia who is doing the most to improve the awareness of the one way rental and they will tell you that one way rentals now represent a huge part of their daily business.

If getting one way car rentals is something you really have been looking into, know this, the world is now beating a path to your door.


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