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February 26, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Are you worried if an online LPN degree would qualify you for licensure? Well, you should not be, because NCLEX-PN test does not discriminate between a school education and an online education. Every practical nursing graduate should go thru NCLEX-PN test. The only thing you should worry about is selecting an accredited nursing training program that is certified by the state.

If there is any between college education earned on campus and an online LPN degree, it is the commute to attend class. Besides, an online LPN training program is less costly and more flexible in terms of resource management. There’s many things that we do online, there’s no concept to be skeptic about an internet degree.

One shouldn’t be anxious about the standard of education of an online training programme. Moreover, the standard of the programs both online and on campus is very much alike. One of the very important things students have to look at before signing up to an online training programme is whether or not the particular program has been certified by the state.

Though the theory classes can be attended online, the entire program cannot be finished on the internet. A considerable amount of the training consists of clinical training (hands-on experience) in some sort of a nursing or healthcare facility.

A reputed training institute will make arrangements to accommodate its online students to practice or gain hands-on clinical experience in a variety of medical care facilities like hospitals, nursing homes doctor’s office etc. If the training programme does not make arrangements for you to have clinical experience then you must make arrangements by yourself at a community hospital or a medical facility to gain clinical experience as required by state law.

The practical part or clinical training of all LPN degree is supervised, either by a professional LPN or a registered nurse, who has authority over LPNs. Online LPN degrees are either a 2 year associate programme or a certificate programme that can be finished in a year. Both programs, online or on-campus, require student to pass the state level NCLEX-PN certification test to operate as a LPN.

LPN colleges offer many popular programme on which people are excited to take due to its higher need in the market. You can get understanding about lpn classes here.


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