Pheromone Cologne And How It Can Help People Attract The Opposite Sex

January 23, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Pheromones are substances that insects produce to make themselves irresistible to other insects. This topic is on pheromone cologne and how it can help people attract the opposite sex with the same success as insects do. Such a subject should be of immense interest, considering how art, economics, history and culture is powered by sex. Most of us turn our minds to it in one way or another throughout every day.

Every night men have testosterone pumped into them as they sleep. They awake, rub their eyes and begin to look around the for opportunities to get a girl into their arms by the end of the day. Not all succeed, and are reduced to longing for the touch of silky flesh and fragrant limbs yielding to them.

A major problem is that attractive girls seem to be oblivious or indifferent to the boys who surround them longingly. A beautiful feminine form can be standing in a queue and feel a man’s gaze upon her. She will turn, glance briefly at the admirer, and then turn back to her business. In some cases beautiful jogging girls even wear earphones and a glassy expression so that they do not have to greet other joggers.

It would be a great day if a fashion model spied a male face in the audience, stopped, smiled and jumped off the ramp to fling her arms about him. Sadly, this is very unlikely to happen. For some reason fashion models seem to be trained to believe that their job entails deadly serious indifference.

There are a few extraordinary people in the world who are fortunate to know what it is like to be irresistible to members of the opposite sex. This is the very small corps of girls who are so strikingly beautiful that wherever they go male heads turn to admire them. If such a girl walks into a room alone she will have only wait for a few seconds before a male alights beside her like a bee landing on a flower, intent on crawling into her innermost being to collect nectar.

Most ordinary people are not exceptionally beautiful. They do not have the sex appeal that the lucky few wear like the most expensive perfume that costs nothing. Those of us who are unexceptional can only dream what it is like to turn heads and have people snuggling up to us without being paid to do so.

The topic is on pheromone cologne and how it can help people attract the opposite sex but it would seem like old news to an insect. For centuries insects have been producing pheromones to make themselves utterly irresistible to members of the opposite sex. Perhaps that is one reason why they tend to be quite prolific when not blotted out by insecticides. Human beings can now go online to buy pheromone cologne and experience what it is like to have members of the opposite sex gathering around them like bees around a honey pot.

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