Picking Wine At Restaurants

March 14, 2012 · Posted in Travel 

At a casual lunch or dinner, at upscale Long Island restaurants will frequently feature a few far more exciting wines by the glass or by the flight. A flight is a number of small glasses of diverse wines, served at the same time or sequentially, and usually paired with precise dishes. This really is your chance to sample with no committing to a pricy full bottle.

As these glass and flight specials often be modest in number and to change monthly, the servers in the restaurant are often reliably coached on which wine to suggest with the dishes on their menu.

The buying power is without doubt an important factor in judging what you’ll be able to (or cannot) acquire. Earlier, good wine was expensive and nothing came below $30 while you’ll be able to get the identical in present occasions for $15 or even much less.

Vintage just refers for the year the wine was made. Simply because climate cooperates far better in some years than in other individuals, specific years will produce far better wines than other individuals. The quantity of rain that falls close to harvest time usually determines the quantity of sugar within the grapes and therefore, will have an effect on the taste. It’s believed that 1990 was an excellent year for all wine, so if you’re seeking to impress, order a 1990 bottle and you’re less most likely to produce a wrong selection! But remember, older wine will not necessarily mean far better wine, specially if the older bottles had been from a negative vintage.

One more method is usually to order a wine that is certainly second from the bottom of the list, in any given category. Unless you might be familiar with (and take place to like) the cheapest wine on the list, do not order it simply because it is usually put there for people that are literally bottom-line driven: they want the least costly wine, for whatever factors.

Learn more about wine selection by visiting long island restaurants that have a professional sommelier so you can try out wines for yourself!

Laura Smiley Chan is a food blogger and critic. She is a New York native, and enjoys spending her time eating at Long Island Restaurants.


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