Pitney Bowes Postage Meters Become Streamlined in the New ShipStream

February 28, 2012 · Posted in Business 

Any small to medium-sized business can gain from an improvement in its efficiency and postage meters are a great way for this to be reached. Pitney Bowes, the master in postage meters and other postal equipment for years, has unveiled its new, streamlined ShipStream that allows business to weigh packages, buy postage online, and watch shipments and expenses all from the luxury of the office.

The Pitney Bowes ShipStream is a software operation that runs on Windows based computers and has a 10 pound scale that connects directly to the USB port of the computer. A bigger 30 pound scale is also available for an increased fee and connects to the wall outlet. These postage meters offer an incredible and powerful ability to watch shipments around the country, as well as track expenses within the business.

For businesses that create a fair amount of packages, whether shipping orders to consumers or products to distributors, the Pitney Bowes ShipStream helps make the process much easier. By having a postage meter within the building, a business owner will no longer have to send someone to the post office on a normal, and often daily, basis, which is one way to hurt productivity. The traffic and fuel to drive back and forth to the post office is one factor, as are the often long lines awaiting once inside the post office.

Being able to simply put the package on the scale and entering the destination address, or zip code, the ShipStream connects through the Internet to calculate precisely how much the package will cost to deliver. Then all the business operator would have to do is print the postage, place it to the package and have the mail carrier collect it on his or her daily route.

Postage meters like the ShipStream also allow businesses to monitor their shipments so that if a client inquires about its expected delivery time, the business will no longer have to send them to the post office, which is an added aggravation for many consumers. The business can simply log on and track it and tell the customer right then and there. Elevating customer service leads to the increased possibility of return business as well as referrals.

But postage meters from Pitney Bowes aren’t limited to simply saving time and elevating customer service. A business owner can readily track their shipping fees on a weekly or monthly schedule. By doing this, he or she can figure out whether there are any areas that can be streamlined further. The Pitney Bowes ShipStream postage meter system is a wonderful tool for any business that produces a fair amount of packages on a regular basis.

This postage meter system also allows the business owner to print postage labels without the exact amount the postage cost. Why would this be helpful or advantageous? For many businesses, figuring postage rates can be a tricky business and dependant on where the buyer lives. By calculating a flat rate shipping cost, the business operator can ship anywhere without the worry of a customer feeling as though he or she overpaid for the expense.

The Pitney Bowes ShipStream offers business many techniques to improve their operations as well as saving time and valuable money.

Christopher Ulrich is the developer of Pitney Postage – a Pitney Bowes website featuring Pitney Postage Machines


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