Planning The Design Of Your Garden

May 3, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Planning a garden can be great fun and rewarding, but it takes time and effort to get it right. If you have planned thoroughly in the beginning, you will get the results you are aiming for. Excellent plans assist you to avoid having to waste your time and money putting mistakes right. Try to cover every detail.

Be clear about your aims and objectives. Consider what you are trying to achieve and how you would like to be able to use your outside space. Be clear about each feature you want to include, such as, a dining area, a built in BBQ or perhaps a fire pitfor chilly summer evenings. Give sufficient thought to how you will get from one place to the next in the space and include the necessary paths, steps and boundaries.

For new inspiration it can be helpful to look at a range of garden design images, so look online or in magazines for some ideas.

Take accurate measurements for your plans, including all of fixed features you must remain.

If you can, use one of the many free computer design programs online, which will make things far easier by allowing you to experiment with the layout and make changes with ease. There are a number of computer design programs that are very straightforward to use and have a variety of garden themed features functions.

You could look at your garden as a continuous work in progress. As the plants, shrubs and trees mature and grow, the landscape will gradually change.

If your design involves creating shade or privacy in your outside space, this will be a slowly developing process, but that is just part of the fun.

An important consideration in your design is its colour during the various seasons. You will need to combine the colours to achieve the right look. All of us have seen flowerbeds and gardens with no coordination at all. You can easily avoid this type of chaos and create a harmonious appearance in your garden.

If the scale of your project is overwhelming or your budget is limited, you can work towards your end result, one bit at a time. Get your design right first, then break your project down and tackle it one step at a time.

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