Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations Leave a Lasting Impression on Guests

October 31, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Invitations bring out the charm for any special occasion. If there were no invitations, people would not come to know of events that you are planning and organizing for them. When it comes for planning your wedding then the pocket fold wedding invitations would be an ideal choice. These are stylish and at the same time allow you to put different insert cards in them.

The pocket wedding invitations can be found in different price ranges. Economical ones might be simple to look at but you can personalize them with photos or embellishments of your choice. You might need to do some research so that you can get discounts on bulk orders. Many of the online stores also offer free shipment facilities to their customers.

The different inserts in the cheap wedding invitations are very important. One of the main ingredients in these pocket invitations are the reply cards. These cards provide you with the exact head count on the number of guests who might attend your wedding. Ensure to leave a small amount of space on these cards so that the guests can fill in the names of their escorts who might accompany them to your special day.

Many people love to make their wedding day special by using DIY wedding invitation kits for making the invites. DIY kits are easy to use since they come with instruction guides that offer tips on how to go about designing the invites. You can even go in for themed invites such as the beach theme, traditional theme and many more along with different accessories to match these themes.

Now along with the reply and save the date cards, one must not forget the address cards. These are essential since it provides information on how to get to the wedding venue. If you are planning your wedding at a remote location, then it might be helpful to provide a map or mention important landmarks for the guests to reach the venue easily.

When it comes to choosing the wordings on your pocket wedding invitations, you might want to go in for simple verses or words. Ensure that you have the guest list ready, so that you can immediately send off the invites once you have addressed them to the respective guests. Many of the online resources also offer unique and beautiful phrases that will match with the theme of your wedding.

Photos speak louder than words and even add an emotional touch to the cheap wedding invitations. You can either go in for single portrait photos clicked by a professional photographer, or you could choose for multiple photos that highlight the important or special occasions during your dating phase.

You can even design your own pocket fold wedding invitations by downloading blank templates from online websites. You can then add clip arts or borders of your choice and personalize them with colorful accessories of your choice. If you run out of ideas, you can always ask help from your friends or relatives in designing them.

Stylish and unique invitations must go with pocket wedding invitations. A wide range of choices for invitations on a special day.


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