Primary Components: Cosmetic Eye Shadow

July 3, 2012 · Posted in Skin Care 

Cosmetic eye shadow is a product applied in the space between the eyebrows and eyelids. It is a form of makeup that is typically worn to make the eyes appear more attractive and stand out on the face. The product is made and sold by many companies, and comes in a range of textures and colors.[youtube:GK5c9B0RkGo;[link:Giselle Cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, buy cosmetics];]

When applied correctly, this can add depth and dimension to an eye. It may also be worn to complement an eye color, or draw attention. Most of these products are made using powder or mica. They can also be found in mousse, liquid or pencil form.

All around the world, civilizations have long used this makeup product. It is predominately adorned by women, though some men may choose to wear it as well. It is considered a feminine product in many western societies, despite male usage. Most women are born with a space between their eyebrows and eyelashes that is twice as big as that of a man.

Most often, this is used to improve appearance. It tries to replicate the shadow created naturally on the eyes. In plays and the theater performances, bright and non-traditional colors are often applied to enhance or create a certain appearance.

Shadow can be applied in many different ways. How this is done depends greatly on the formulation or the desired appearance. Small brushes or fingertips are commonly used for application. An important step in applying the makeup is blending it well. Eye makeup remover and wipes, baby oil and face washing are effective ways to remove the product from the skin.

This type of makeup can be purchased at many different stores. A technician and a makeup store may even offer advice on how to apply the product and what shades work first for a specific skin tone. Some individuals use several different shades on their eyelid to create various effects, or incorporate colors from their outfit. There is no standard way on how to wear this.

Cosmetics have been around for a very long time. This type of makeup dates back to Egyptian burials of 10,000 BC. The Egyptians have used scented ointments and oils to treat their skin, and dyes and paints to color their hair and body for centuries. They stained their nails using henna, lined their brows and eyes with kohl and rouged their cheeks and lips. Both men and women used these cosmetics. The Greeks used perfumes, powders, eye shadows, glosses, dye and other cosmetics from an earlier period of time as well. Romans painted their faces to protect them from the evil eyes and discovered the multiple uses for different oils. The used resins and gums to repel evil spirits.

Sericite, preservatives, magnesium stearate, mica and colorants are common ingredients in eyes shadows. Fillers are usually made from talc, liquid binders from silicone, and dry binders from magnesium stearate. In order to create this product, there must be a perfect balance between the fillers and binders, both liquid and dry. When that formula has been reached, the shadow may be pressed and finished. Quality of cosmetic eye shadow depends upon its manufacturing source.

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