Prostate Tumor Cancer Survival Rates Of Males

March 26, 2012 · Posted in Men's Health 

Prostate cancer is an illness that is made up in prostate gland of the male reproductive system. It has a slow rate of growth for many people who are diagnosed with it. However there have been situations where a person has had it grow rapidly to other parts of their body at a really fast rate. The parts of the body that are most susceptible to this cell growth are the bones and lymph nodes. The cancer creates problems during sexual intercourse and problems with urinating and pain associated with it.

This is something that is more prevalent in men that are above the age of fifty years. It’s a popular type of cancer that develops in men, some of the men that are diagnosed have never had symptoms of this.

The reasons for this include that it’s something which develops slowly and does not have symptoms for many sufferers and men who have it are generally older so they may pass on due to reasons that aren’t related to the disease. This could include pneumonia, circulatory disease, high blood pressure or any other illnesses that often come with old age.

The past three decades have seen a greater number of people who have survived this illness in the United Kingdom. However it is not clear as to the dependency of these statistics. This is probably because of technology. It has made it possible to have prostate specific antigen and trans urethral resection tests.

About twenty five thousand men are reported in the United Kingdom to be diagnosed every year. There are a couple of reasons why some of these patients live longer than others. How long a person has had it will greatly influence how long they lie. Also if it is still only in the gland then they may live longer.

This could mean that for the patient they can live for five years longer. The rate of this stands at seventy percent. Unfortunately if it has spread one cannot expect to live for very long as the likelihood of living for five years decreases to about twenty percent. Ten thousand males is the approximate number of men who die each year from this illness. However, men in this country are fortunate as it is a first world country. Developing nations have a lower life expectancy rate generally for sufferers of this illness.

A doctor who checks this is called a urologist. They are capable of running tests which determine whether you have it or not. It is also possible for them to see what the risks are for an individual patient. The risk factor is what helps the urologist decide on the medication they will give to each patient.

There are a variety of these tests done such as the CT or MRI scan and others that give an indication of prospects of surviving the treatment of prostate cancer.

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