Reduce Your Outgoings With Solar Panels

April 17, 2012 · Posted in Technology 

Burning Fossil fuels to generate power has several disadvantages. Producing energy like this creates pollution and is bad for the environment. As the supplies of fossil fuels have depleted over time, consumers have had to pay more and more to cover energy bills.

Although we are already aware of far better solutions to meet our homes energy needs using solar energy, many homeowners still have reservations about the costs involved in purchasing and installing a solar system.

Manufacturers produce a range of smaller, competitively priced systems for use on residential properties. Everybody benefits by using solar power because it is an entirely clean energy. Once installed correctly, a system will require little maintenance. Once the new system has paid for itself and you have recouped your initial investment your energy does not cost you anything.

Take the time to establish the kind of system you are interested in before yo make enquiries with any companies. There are several different panels manufactured these days. First of all, there are the fixed type of panels which are most popular with homeowners. These panels remain stationary once installed and are always positioned south to catch the most rays possible. The fixed panels are the most reasonably priced option you will find. You can also opt for the singleand the dual axis tracking panels which are slightly more advanced. These panels are slightly more complex in their design as they are capable of turning to track the sun throughout the day. Tracking panels are the more expensive option.

The Direct Current electricity produced by photovoltaic panels is sent through a cable to a large inverter to be converted to to AC for use in the home, but loses some of its energy on the way. Recent technology has lead to the development of even more energy efficient systems with a miniature inverter incorporated into each panel. This allows the energy to be converted at source , creating less wastage.

When selecting a solar energy system, you will also need to choose between a grid tied system, or an off gridsystem. Grid tied systems are certainly more flexible in that they have the option to take more electricity from the grid if required, or to return it for a profit if the system is capable of providing more energy than required. The off grid system is the entirely independent option. Find a suitable company in your area, once you have an idea what you want. Before you know it, you could be benefiting from free energy, like many other homeowners.

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