Remove Event Planning Stress By Hiring A Mobile Cocktail Bar

January 29, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

For people planning an event, hiring a mobile cocktail bar can offer many advantages. The professional and sophisticated appearance of the cocktail bar can only help to impress your guests.

Apart from the aesthetic advantage that a mobile bar offers, the practical nature of a mobile cocktail bar is equally important. Your party guests can go up to the bar at anytime and get a delicious refreshment. If your party happens to be outdoors in the summer then it’s even more important.

Stacking a load of drinks in the corner of your event or on a table where you guests can serve themselves is not going to portray a glamorous image. A practical limitation with this method is that you will have to fill out the paperwork to distribute alcohol.

By hiring a mobile cocktail bar this alcohol license is something you don’t have to worry about as the mobile bar company will have one in place that allows them to distribute alcohol at your event. Additional advantages of getting a great looking bar and professional staff is that it will become a positive focal point at your party.

And with the bar staff taking care of your guests, you won’t have to be constantly worrying if your guests want a top up. They can just walk over to the mobile cocktail bar and get served. The bar staff are all able to make exotic cocktails which everyone loves to try.

Sometimes there are issues with how the drinks are going to be paid for. This is an option with many possibilities. For instance the bar can be open and the tab is paid for by the host at the end of the evening or you have your guests simply pay for their own drinks. Or give them so many drinks for free.

At these cocktail bars it’s not just cocktails and long drinks that are served. You can request draught facilities so that your guests can enjoy draught beer and cider. And as long as you choose the right mobile bar company, all of the drinks on offer will be from premium brands.

By offering a great variety of drinks you can be sure that all of your guests can get a drink that they enjoy. Combined with the expert drink knowledge from the staff, your guests can always request something with a very specific taste if they can’t find exactly what they want.

It doesn’t matter if you want the mobile cocktail bar for a corporate function, an office party, a 40th birthday party or a garden party for your friends – the type of service will cater to those specific needs.

One last advantage that people don’t really think about is the amount of stress they can avoid with the help of mobile cocktail bar company. They get everything arranged on your behalf which will allow you to relax and fully enjoy the party or event that you have planned.

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