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December 31, 2011 · Posted in Business 

Are you are looking for basic tips to start reseller eBooks business online? Well, this article help you know some really easy steps to earn money using resell ebooks. For newbies, this article will be quite helpful. In reseller eBook business you will have two options. Either you can write the books yourself or you could purchase them from other sources who will give you a resell rights so that you can keep 100% of the profits. In this article you will get idea on both of them. So, let’s start!

Writing your own eBook-toughest job! Writing an e-book could be challenging and needs real hard work. But systematic and step by step approach will build the eBook to the point finally. Thus you have a book ready to put the final touch on it. So what’s the big deal here? Well, you need to take care of few things while writing. Select Proper Title: Title makes the first impression about your eBook and hence very important component of the ebook. Title should be reflective of the theme and subject of the ebook. It can be a simple but must have reflective summarization of the Ebook. Easy Reading Content: You won’t like to read an eBook with no picture or illustrations. How would that be if the content is not well organized or presented? So, presentation of the content and quality of content are equally important. Sharing personal experiences, bringing experts interviews on the field would be a great value adds. Simple words with correct expressions are far better than some tongue- twisters.

Use Resell Ebooks for Profit The other option is Resell Ebooks for profit. Frankly speaking, this is the easiest and smartest option that most of the people opt for. Do you have any idea about “Resell Ebooks”? This is nothing but an eBook already written by someone and he/she put some rights on it. Rights like, you can modify it or most of all you can resell it without modifying it. Aren’t you thinking about the important part? Money! So how much can be the profit? Well, the prospect is huge. You will find the online entrepreneurs who are making as much as six figure amounts just by reselling eBooks.

Reselling and writing eBooks-Which one is better? You have got a clear idea about the both. But it will be possible to compare them easily. Both these methods have some pros and cons. Let’s check out them quickly. Writing your own eBooks – PRO: Content will be totally original. – PRO: Affiliate links can be added to get extra sales / commissions down the track. – PRO: Full control over the content and delivery. – CON: Writing a whole eBook can be a struggle for some people. – CON: Need huge investment of time. – CON: Requires preliminary market survey of the topic.

Buying eBooks and reselling them – PRO: Selling them immediately without waiting. – PRO: You can have a whole library of different topics to appeal to different markets. – PRO: Keep 100% profit for your own. – CON: Little control (sometimes) of the content of the book. – CON: Other people will probably also be selling the same eBook as you. – CON: Need some starting money to buy them from the owners.

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