Reversing Aging with Skincare

April 23, 2012 · Posted in Skin Care 

You don’t know why it is but perhaps, for the worst, you feel exactly the way you look. You don’t know whether it’s because of the pressure that everyday life continues to pound away on you, the foods you might eat, or what have you but you don’t feel like you look how you should. There are skincare tips that you can learn, though, and some of them are actually quite obvious. Some of them definitely go beyond products like moisturizer and other methods can be relatively affordable.

Two relaxing vices that people take part in are drinking and smoking. These might seem like obvious factors that go into unhealthy skincare but both of these things can be eliminated so that the path to brighter skin opens up. Due to smoking, any vitamin C that the body takes in disappears before the body can make use of it and it also reduces collagen and elastin, resulting in aging skin. Drinking should also be cut down on, since it increases blood flow and thinner vessels result in blotchier skin. These tips don’t even have to incorporate pricing for moisturizer, which makes them very cost-friendly.

The right kinds of food should be eaten so that skin looks young and fruitful. Speaking of fruit, types of fruit which are high in antioxidants often result in healthier skin. The greener, the better is the best motto when it comes to vegetables to eat. The deepest greens of lettuce heads and spinach have very rich pigments and, as a result, have the strongest vitamin content. For those who enjoy salads, this step should be a snap to take.

For those who feel like a incredibly good diet simply isn’t enough to look as young as possible, there are goods out on the market that should be given far more than a passing glance. In terms of active skincare, using sunscreen is imperative, even when the sun isn’t scorching or as noticeable in the open. SPF 30 is best for everyday situations but, as with any product like shampoo or conditioner, one person’s mileage may vary. It is best to ask around before deciding on a kind of sunscreen but just know that the impact of a sunscreen is heightened when in tandem with a moisturizer.

Being able to reverse signs of aging is, no doubt, a goal of any person who’s interested in keeping their skin healthy. There are steps to take, though, and they can range from easy to complex. Keeping up a balanced, healthy diet is important and reducing some of the harmful products like alcohol or sugar can do wonders for skincare. Applying sunscreen is great for us who spend most of their time outdoors and even if the weather isn’t hot, every little bit of said sun lotion helps.

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