Scout Boats – Innovation in Fishing Boats

May 6, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies 

For 20 years Scout Boats has been designing beautiful, durable, and cutting edge fishing boats. Thus, they have earned a fantastic reputation for being ahead of other boat builders in the fishing category. Even today they are busy crafting fishing boats that have no rival in the water.

The reverse-shoebox hull/deck design which increases overall strength of the hull while making the boat safer is an example of the kind of innovation that sets Scout Boats apart from other fishingboats. Another, is that wood rots, so, it simply is not used in any Scout boats, instead they use composite stringers throughout. Scout doesn’t take shortcuts because their goal is to make the best fishing boat in the world.

The Air Assist Hull is yet another important innovation from Scout. It increases static floatation as well as the time it takes to plane, improves the overall boats handling and helps with fuel economy as well. Those are three very important items when out on the water.

Scout isn’t done coming up with new innovative ways to make their fishing boats better. They have another feature called the “Strata-mount System” which spreads the natural stresses of the engine over the entire hull which increases strength, performance, and durability. Scout needs to be on your list when considering a fishing boat.

So, if you’re looking for exceptional fishing boats, look no further than Scout Fishing boats. They are the most innovative sport fishing boats on the market. Whether it be a sport fishing boat, bay boat, coastal fishing boat, you name it Scout makes the best of them. They have been building them for over 20 years and continue to put out the best fishing boats in the world. These are beautiful, dependable, and durable crafts that are capable of taking you wherever you need to get on the water. Make a Scout your next fishing boat!

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