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October 30, 2011 · Posted in Insurance 

Cars are so secure these days, thieves are now turning to commercial vehicles. In fact, two vans, the transit and the sprinter are both now in the top 10 most stolen vehicles, the ford now actually taking the not so coveted number 1 spot. So if you have one of these vehicles, you may want to take extra care.

There are a few things you can do to help mitigate the risk, starting with where you leave your vehicle. Parking it down dark empty streets at night, or back alleys, is a no no, as this is the kind of place where it is most likely to be taken from. Thieves are known to dislike well lit and frequented areas as they are more likely to be disturbed in action.

If you have access to a lockup, use it. It is also a good idea to alarm the lockup. Although locking your van inside makes it harder to get to, if someone does get in, they will have the privacy and the time to break into and start your van, so alarming your lockup can help draw attention a thief wouldn’t want. Seeing the alarm may also deter them from breaking in, in the first place.

Make your van more secure. The more security you fit to it, the harder and more time consuming it will be to take, and the greater chance of getting caught. Thieves prefer easy targets so they may decide to leave your van and take someone else’s. Extra security makes a difference. It also makes a difference to your van insurance company as well, so it can pay for itself.

Remove your load from your van when you park it up at night. Vans are often stolen for their contents as well as themselves, or both, as things like tools can be sold on at a good price as well as the van or it’s parts. This is something van insurance firms are aware of, so they often require you to empty the vehicle each night, and may turn down a claim, if it wasn’t.

Clear all valuables from sight, including parking change. Remember thieves aren’t the brightest people in the world, otherwise they would have well paid jobs. Some of them will steal just about anything. And remember to stow away your sat nav unit, as it is far less likely to be taken if it can’t be seen, (after all, who knows it’s actually there?) and your van is less likely to be damaged by an opportunist thief.

Make sure you secure your van each and every time you leave it. Many thieves take any opportunity that presents itself. An unlocked van is a very easy target and the crime can be committed very quickly, so even those who leave their vehicle for two minutes can and do end up regretting it. Also, what ever you do, never leave the keys behind. Some unfortunate people do this and then regrettably learn that there is no cover when a vehicle is taken with the keys.

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