Selecting your pine baseboard

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Pine baseboard is inexpensive, but nice looking, so it’s a great baseboard material option. Without doing too much to it, pine can be made to match almost any room’s dcor. Painting and staining pine can disguise many pine pieces to the point that some people don’t even realize that they have a pine piece in their home. The same is true when you have your baseboards made of pine.

You will need to decide what you want your look to be when you are choosing your pine baseboard because you need to decide if you want to have knots in the wood. When you are planning to paint your baseboards you should try to get and pine that doesn’t have as many knots. If you choose to paint pieces that have lots of knots in them then you are likely to end up with a paint job that doesn’t look very good.

You should probably go with a stain instead of paint if you want to choose boards that have lots of knots in them. You can also use a clear sealant instead of stain. You will need to coat the baseboards with something though whether it is a stain, paint or another sealant. If you do decide to go with a stain, the it is best to stay away from an oak stain because the knots are a dead giveaway for pine.

If you decide to paint your baseboards then you need to consider doing it after they are installed. The reason for this is the nail holes. Baseboards are installed most often using small finishing nails. Although these nails are quite small they still are noticeable if the boards have been painted prior to installation. You will however, want to prime the boards before installation. Priming the boards will help the final coat of paint to stay on the board after it’s installed and then painted.

If you end up buying cheap quality pine skirting, you’ll end up throwing half of it away as it will not be usable.

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