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July 26, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Acting involves the development of many skills, one of which is auditioning, a skill you can develop in some acting classes in NYC. Gaining acting experience on stage, film or television is an important way to develop acting skills, but that won’t happen if you don’t audition well. If auditioning is not being taught in your acting classes in NYC, it’s a skill that you will need to work on developing. Being prepared, with a deep set of auditioning skills is necessary if you expect to exploit every opportunity to audition that comes your way. Acting classes in NYC that teach the Meisner discipline are known for turning out highly professional actors that know how to work. Meisner acting techniques are strongly connected to powerful auditioning skills.

One or two ways actors tend to crash and burn during auditions are common. The first is to be overconfident. At the same time, being deeply insecure won’t help either. Being overly nervous or overconfident is not what will count against you in an audition. Being nervous or confident projects a sense of “self awareness” which can kill a great acting performance.

This is a very bad acting habit, being too closed off and too rehearsed and it’s a poor auditioning technique as well. Too nervous, and it’s too distracting to you and the auditors and you run the risk of not being open to the performance and the emerging character. The many layers of human traits, communicated in a thousand smalls ways is what must shine through, how you feel personally can’t inhibit this.

Many preparing for auditions consider the slate unimportant. As many of you know, the slate is when you state your name into the camera so the auditors can keep track of everyone they’ve seen. What may seem to have little importance, in fact may be the very thing that keeps you from being seen. The bad news is this. Watching past the slate to see the actual audition is not always the norm. Seeing hundreds of actors audition for a role is a daunting task. Anything to speed things up, like a poor or boring slate, is a good excuse to just move on. A quick dismissal of an actor’s tape because of a lackluster slate gets them to their goal more quickly.

While this may seem harsh, it is certainly expedient. Fair or not, this is the way it is more often than not. While some acting classes deal with auditioning, many don’t. Acting classes in NYC are a great resource for learning about slates. Slating on an audition tape is sometimes required to enroll in acting classes in NYC. It’s something you can do on your own, and do quite well with a little help from a friend. Enlist a friend to help record your efforts on tape and you will instantly see how well you are doing. Practicing slates isn’t easy. Looking into the camera and truly communicating to a presence beyond the camera is an art form in and of itself. This is something you can record, playback and assess. Feedback from people you trust is also important, the slate should communicate who you are.

Keep the information to a minimum and keep it simple. The shorter the better so they move on to the critical thing, the audition. When auditioning for commercials a hint of character might be okay. If you fall short of their expectations they may hit the eject button before the actual tape. The goal of the slate is to present yourself as an actor and a person, not as the character. Once the slate is done, move quickly into character and give them the portrayal they could never have anticipated, the character they didn’t even know they wanted. if you want to know more, look into Meisner acting NYC, for tips on how to create character, emotional preparation and scene study for auditioning.

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