Seven Ways You Can Drum Up Publicity For Corporate Events

June 1, 2012 · Posted in Business 

Organizing corporate events can be exciting and interesting but simultaneously stressful and nerve-racking. And when a corporate event demands a good amount of publicity, the levels of stress (before the fact) increase even further, especially when said event needs to be something that all parties involved would enjoy, something that is expected to generate a handsome profit.

Worry not – creating publicity for corporate events doesn’t have to be as stressful as it often is, as long as you use the right approach. The following tips will provide you with an insight on some of the best practices used in creating publicity.

Teamwork is a very dynamic tool in any project, and one way you can use this is by delegating a task to a certain member of the team. So while your team member does the dirty work, you can sit back and manage the team and the event itself. Your role would now be more of a leader and decision maker, as well as someone who can provide counsel for the rest of the unit.

This stage of the planning process won’t be complete, though, unless you choose somebody who has the capacity to do the job. Such person needs to have more than enough media contacts even before the event begins, such as newspaper contacts and television contacts.

Use short copywriting for direct mailers or newspaper advertisements. Be skillful in your editing and writing work so you could come up with publicity that is short, yet still packing some wallop in it. You wouldn’t want to bore people with detail-filled information packs, unless the recipient specifically makes the request.

Try not to use copywriting that may be a tad too creative or flowery. Your audience has no time trying to figure out your message, and it is best that you send them something direct and concise.

Although it may be common sense to include a contact number or an email address in your publicity pieces, you may be surprised that many corporate event organizers actually overlook this. You will need this, of course, in case anybody wants to call you or email you for more details.

If the information is out of date, nobody would care for it. Because it is unbelievably tacky and unprofessional to distribute press releases that are “so last year”.

If you have to answer questions fielded at a press conferences, be transparent, honest and tell nothing but the truth. Corporate event managers often tend to stretch the truth or hide it behind positively scripted lines, but people in the media, to be honest, weren’t born yesterday.

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