Shabby Chic Can Benefit Those On A Budget

March 2, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Have you ever heard of the design Shabby Chic and wondered what exactly the style is? Well here is a look.

Flexibility is key if Shabby Chic is your goal, because the term itself has different meanings depending on who’s using it. It’s kind of like deciphering real estate ads. Where “cute” or “cozy” might mean a house so small the mice are hunchbacked, Shabby Chic can mean something of character that has a few scratches, or something of quality that’s fallen on hard times. Its value lies in its original quality and its durability, making it worth the effort to fix it up.

Decorating your home the Shabby Chic way is a great idea when working with a budget. Just $100.00 can get you a long way with thrift stores and yard sales, especially family attics.

If you’re able to find furniture which looks like it has had its years worth, paint peeling, tarnished copper, and even the scratches you’ve come across a great furniture piece for Shabby Chic.

Old faded quilts, lace curtains, and large overstuffed armchairs are a must in a Shabby Chic room design. They are frequent in many thrift stops so make sure you check around.

Here are a few steps to turn your room into Shabby Chic.

If you have older family members who store everything in their attic, it may be treasure to you. As if you’re able to go through some of their old stuff and see if you can find anything which will work with your new theme. Old furniture, accessories, or even fabrics are great.

Select carefully a few items to pair with your existing furniture and decor. You could try whitewashing or painting furniture, but remember, distressed surfaces add style to Shabby Chic. To hurry along the look of passing years, lightly sand wood furniture in several places.

Color palettes for Shabby Chic can be anywhere from grays, whites, creams, and additional pink, blue, and green splashes. Think about the Victorian theme colors. Less bright is better.

Adding many pillows onto the chairs or bed is a great touch. You also have the option to place an old scarf or lace on the night stands or dresser just to give it that vintage look.

Just because a piece of furniture has seen its better days doesn’t mean it has to be trashed. That is where Shabby Chic comes into play.

No matter what your design comes out to be in the end, Shabby Chic is the way to go!

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