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February 27, 2012 · Posted in Computers 

Just speaking intuitively, it probably makes “sense” to you that “this internet thing” could be used to fetch and get leads and clients for your SharePoint business as a consulting company. What specifically do you need to do and could you do online to accomplish just such a feat now?

The typical choice is to go for ad network like Ad Words or yahoo ads. This is where you pay Yahoo or Google a fee for each person that clicks on your ad. The advantage to this method is that it’s fast and much targeted. You can literally tell it to (for example) only show your and to people searching for “SharePoint consulting companies”, and only to people who happen to reside in (for example) California. So any Californian searching for the term “SharePoint consulting companies” should see your ad.

Now, the problem with this method is the same as with any method that satisfies instant gratification – you pay a hefty penalty if you’re impulsive. Most people spend more on these ads than they earn back from the leads they get back from the ads. This is because all of your competitors are also bidding for these ads, and it takes a lot of skill to convert these into actual offline leads.

Most people would be far better served by the much cheaper and lower-entry SEO strategy. This is simply a method whereby you “petition Google” or “yahoo” to put your company higher and higher on the results page for the type of business that you do.

With enough SEO work you can even get to the point where you completely and utterly dominate any given keyword. For example, if you’re selling dog collars, you can have your company be the first one listed anytime anyone searches for anything even remotely related to “dog collars”. This is a very valid strategy, which more than pays for itself over the long run. You can try to do it yourself perusing SEO tutorials online, or just hire someone to do it for you.

You should have met most of the answers to the bulk of any questions you had. Should you still require help, don’t just finish your journey here. You can move on to seeing sharepoint cost and also sharepoint experts.


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