Shocked And Extremely Happy – Powered Lawn Edger Review

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Well the air may have been cleaner around my house but the lawn certainly wasn’t. I purchased my Black & Decker heavy-duty Edge Hog landscape edger on August 27 and received it on August 31. There was so much yard cut off that I had to haul most of it away using a shovel, when it was done and after I swept up, there was a perfectly straight, neat cut on my yard. I would pay $79 for this every time, and I get to keep this and do it for years to come!

It does not work if you have an edge that has never been edged before in clay soil with tough sod. Mine overheated and the motor burnt out.

I was very pleased with this item. It is very easy to use and does a great job edging. Also, I found three cables I wasn’t expecting. Fortunately, they were buried deep enough! What a great piece of equipment. Takes a little getting used to when edging off the pavement but it’s powerful, quiet and allows for multiple depth settings.

Purchased to replace 30 year old B & D Edger – easier to use and great for sidewalks (you don’t need to carry it like string trimmers). It was total waste of time and money when I found that it was just not better than an electric toy. I purchased one of these about 8 years ago and it’s been chugging along fine ever since [other than replacing blades periodically). We have purchased another house about 3 hours away and I decided to buy another one for there. If you tend to hit the concrete sidewalk/driveway a lot check the blade and replace when it gets worn down, otherwise you will be “edging” but not a lot will be happening. I put a new blade on the other day and it’s like a brand new edger again!

They recommend checking for electric cables before using this unit. After some futility in using a manual edger to dig the trench for an invisible fence, I bought one of these.

It is easy to handle and powerful enough to penetrate the red clay crust in our yard. I had a little trouble getting precision edge-lines since I was used to a single-wheel model that has been discontinued. But this edger has plenty of power for my needs, and although I was a total novice at this task I was edging in no time. I agree with other reviewers that the instructions are essentially worthless, but you don’t need them anyway. He loves it. He says that it is much easier to handle than the neighbors gas one.

It had a tough time with cutting through areas where sod had grown over the walk. I had to use an edging spade to prepare the way for the edger.

My wife and I had always used a hole to edge with. Boy what a difference the edger made.

Two horsepower is plenty adequate for your basic edging needs. Small Cargo Trailer.


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