Should You Even Try To Get Your Ex Back?

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Dating 

Are you afraid that you’ll never be reunited with your ex? Are you sure that your relationship is over and you feel real pain in your heart because you love your ex so much. You love your ex but you are sure that it’s only a matter of time before you have your heart broken further when you find out that they have moved on and found someone new. Maybe there is even someone else in their life already and you dread the thought of your ex with someone else. You see no use in trying to win them over and you are almost resigned to give up yourself but still you wish there was a way to convince them to come back to you.

While it might seem overwhelming at this point to think about what you need to do or say to change your ex’s mind, it is very possible and very easy to get your ex back. Your vision is clouded with doubt and all you can see is the obstacles in your way. All you can see are the reasons why you might never be able to get back together with the one that you love. You see problems instead of solutions. You are depressed and your mind is trying to protect you from getting hurt again so you wonder if it’s even worth the effort to try to win your ex over.

These doubts can actually sabotage you and turn the simple process of getting your ex back more difficult than it needs to be. You feel that you can’t win them over because you tried talking them into getting back together and it didn’t work so you make halfhearted efforts to repair your relationship and attract your ex back to you. You feel that you have failed so why hope or dream or even put a whole lot of effort into trying to get back together with your ex?

Do you really think that you getting back together with your ex is impossible or that it will never happen? The honest truth is that you will probably find success more quickly in getting back together with your ex than you would trying to find someone new. Even though your friends and family might be telling you to move on and start dating again, how long do you think it’s going to take you to find someone that you love who also loves you? Check with a few of your single friends and see what kind of horror stories they have to tell you. How many weird people are there out there and how much rejection is there to be dished out by the local dating pool. Do you really think that dating is the route to go?

You have already dated your ex. You know what they’re like and at one point the two of you got along pretty well. You know that your ex isn’t perfect but at least you know what to expect and you won’t have to go through that long process of getting to know someone new and possibly all for nothing. You already know that your ex can fall in love with you and that the two of you have chemistry and attraction. At least you did before things got all sideways in your relationship.

This brings another point to light. You might think that your ex doesn’t love you anymore or that they never loved you in the first place. Your ex might have even told you these words and I know that they hurt your heart like a knife. But the truth is that your ex does still love you. Love never really goes away. Love never dies. Sure, it can be covered by other emotions but if you ever knew at any point in your relationship that your ex loved you then that love is still sitting there waiting for you. Don’t you want to go and uncover that love and claim it for yourself again?

Even though it might seem like a giant mountain to climb to get from where you are to where you want to be in your relationship with your ex, the journey can be the fun part. If you try to look at things a little bit differently than you are right now you’ll see that it can be very exciting to get back together. Can you imagine how great it’s going to feel when things do start to fall back into place? Can you feel how wonderful it’s going to be to have your ex start to call you again or want to see you again? How great will it be the first time you kiss your ex again? All of this isn’t going to be exciting for you alone. It’s going to be exciting for your ex also. There’s really nothing quite as wonderful as getting back together and this is a gift that you can give your partner that they will never forget if you only follow through and do what is necessary to win your ex back.

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