Should you get a White Card?

February 8, 2012 · Posted in Australia & Pacific 

What exactly is a White Card? ‘White Card’ is a phrase for a Construction Induction Card, a card sized identity document that shows that the owner of the card has performed typical site induction education (or ‘white card’ training) within Australia. Typically the card was also referred to as ‘Blue Card’ in Queensland and WA and also ‘Red Card’ in Victoria, according to the colouring of the cards in these states. However, these States have changed the existing coloured cards with the new Construction Induction Cards, which are now predominantly white, and they are increasingly becoming known as ‘white’ cards. Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory all have their Construction Induction cards through the appropriate Workplace Authority.

All States and Territories normally acknowledge other States’ and Territories’ cards, new and old (with a few exceptions), within Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001, in the event the cards have been issued under National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work. However, the State Government Organisations currently have identified this state of affairs is disorganized, so that all the states currently have agreed to create a National Code of Practice for Induction to Construction Work. This specific code of practice is currently getting rolled out and will shortly produce a consistent construction induction program for workers around Australia, additionally, the issue of the new, across the country accepted ‘White Card’ which will take the place of the state established cards.

At what point do I need a Card? You must have a Construction Induction Card if: * You need to undertake building work at an working construction site, whatever your employment on-site (site managers, supervisors, surveyors, trades persons, labourers, etc.: everybody needs to have a card) * You would like to get into operating building sites unaccompanied or otherwise not immediately supervised by an inducted person, and also * You don’t work specifically in construction, however have work which means you will have to often get into operating development sites

Construction induction training will: * Provide you a comprehension to your rights along with obligations under existing Occupational Health and Safety legal requirements * Focus on hazards and risks in building sites you have to understand. * Train you to correctly address these risks and hazards, in addition to inform you of the regular behaviour expected by companies plus fellow workers on building sites.

Why must I get a Card? You must undertake construction induction training in order to get a white card before you can get employment on an operating building site. Nearly all recruiters ask to check out the card in advance of appointing someone, since the penalties for hiring anybody with no valid card is often great, especially in the event that individual has an accident! A person has to have their card at all times while on site and produce it when requested, which might happen any time as workplace inspectors pay a visit to sites at random.

Do not ever borrow another persons construction induction card and assert it as being your own. Construction induction training is carried out since safety is a difficult business upon a functioning development site. When an individual doesn’t understand what they’re doing then they could put in danger or injure themselves or any other people on location. In the event that you are caught out by the company or by the place of work inspector then you will be subject to substantial charges and can in all probability be dismissed, as your company might also incur penalties from the relevant State Workplace Authority.

White Card Headquarters is a site committed to providing you with up to date information on the Australian wide site safety induction program. The side will keep you up to date with why and when you will need the white card and what the training will cover and your resulting legal requirements.


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