Silicone Caulk Is Anyone’s Number One Aid For Home Improvement Tasks

July 13, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Silicone caulk is the answer to any DIY enthusiast whether he be an expert or first timer. The sealant effectively closes up all kinds of nasty cracks in all conceivable areas of the home exposed to water and weather. It may come at a price, but anyone will find great satisfaction in the sealers capabilities.

A caulking-gun is used to gently force the sealant into any crevices and cracks that surface in the home over time. The gel is stain-proof, water and airtight and also resistant to stains. There are a few varieties that may be painted without the fear of peeling. The extensive range of sealants provide for every possible scenario in the home.

The sealant adheres to basic features that are present in all brands. Kitchen sinks and showers are a haven for mold and mildew fungi and the sealer effectively seals it before installation. These ones need a few hours to settle in before being exposed to water. High temperatures and wear and tear will not blemish it in any way. It is highly effective on fiberglass, porcelain, plastic and metal-ware as well as dry wood exteriors.

Roofs and driveways are usually a nightmare to repair but the product makes light work of this effort. On the market is a blacktop variety that has been specially designed for the job. The repairs last forever because of the caulks hard-wearing flexibility.

Certain brands hold a low volatile organic compound and therefore emits a low odor that is tolerable for the inhabitants of the house. Any mess or spills can easily be removed with mineral spirits. A little alcohol on a cloth will remove any sealant that may have stuck to the fingers.

Not all products are the same and some requires good ventilation after application. To get the best result from silicone caulk it would advisable to allow for an extended drying period. In this way the seal is solid and tight.

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