Social Club of Retired Flight Attendants At Sun City Texas

May 28, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate 

Have you ever before thought of where flight attendants end up once they retire? Well, many of the smiling faces which greeted you over the past six decades have retired to Sun City Texas. This handful of Sun City Texas homeowners refers to themselves as the Sky Girls and has 29 individuals who’ve bought homes within the retirement subdivision from all across the U.S.

This dynamic collection of Sky Girls signifies 332 years of nation wide as well as intercontinental customer service in flight originating from a range of airlines. The individual terms of service with respect to members can vary from three months to forty-one years along with their historical experiences in flight while managing to keep people secure and safe and serving consumers could well be written in volumes.

Contained in the Sun City Texas social group, airline carriers from the present and past that are exemplified include Delta, American, United, TWA, Southwest, Pan American, Continental, Braniff, North Central, Continental Express, American West, Republic, Sky West and National Air Lines.

Many of the members are a member of a range of national “Clipped Wings” associations, but in retirement, a majority of these energetic and outgoing Sky Girls still enjoy and interface with other men and women by donating their time and supporting several different nearby Georgetown and Sun City charities and projects.

Back when they began their careers, many of the Sky Girls were known as “stewardesses” or “hostesses” and were employed in the glory days of aviation, when the job was exclusive to single females and difficult to obtain. Competition was keen, as only one of every 200 applicants was accepted. In those early days, a stewardess was required to submit her resignation if she decided to marry.

In later years, the policies evolved and male attendants became well-accepted and stewardesses were no longer required to quit upon matrimony and enjoyed long commercial airline professions. The accepted terminology for this occupation has become “flight attendant” to include both men and women plane crew personnel.

The Sun City Sky Girls group was formed in 2007 by a former stewardess, who after marriage continued her employment with American Airlines as a successful public relations associate in their business offices. The group of current and former flight attendants meets monthly either in members’ homes or nearby restaurants. The Sky Girls are strictly social and have discovered that they have endless experiences to share and compare!

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