Some Good Dubai Employment Opportunities

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Travel 

Dubai is one of the most competitive markets for job seekers and for those who seek growth in their profession; this is something that is a dream place for everyone to work. Since the last couple of decades, Dubai has been boasting off, not only on the oil and gas reserves that made it rich, but also in every other known and important business of the world.

This has opened the gates for the applicants and this is why, this place is now a hot place to work in. this is why, today, the largest share in the economy is of construction and real estate.

The share is 22.6% and is the largest for the economy. Even oil and natural gas lies far behind with just over 6% of the total share of the economy.

This shows that Dubai is no more dependent on oil and natural gas reserves for its existence. It has now moved on and has the roots deep down to every important business that the world knows about. This has led to a growth in the job sector as well.

The construction and real estate jobs are in maximum number and jobs are also available in the finance sector. All the world renowned banks are present here and are hiring talented individuals for work. The employment opportunities, hence, are roaring high and giving options for a lot of talented people.

Same is the case with the construction and real estate business. To work in Dubai, there is a requirement in terms of the working visa.

The visa is something that should not be worried about, as this would be managed by the employer under which you are working. This visa will be provided by your employer.

There is one more thing. Once you are done with the visa, you cannot work for any other company. The best thing in working in Dubai is the fact that the salary which you will earn is 100% tax free!

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