Some Great Tips To Help Build Big Biceps

April 30, 2012 · Posted in Fitness 

Before we discuss how to build bigger biceps, I want to point out that the biceps make up only one third of your upper arm with triceps the other two-thirds. So in order for you to build some really impressive arms, then you simply have to work on your triceps too or the effort on your biceps will be for nothing. Of course, there are so many people who fail to grasp this and that is why you’ll see them bashing out thousands of curls without much improvement. You can build biceps fast but it will all be for nothing if you don’t work on your tricep development as well.

Here are some really decent exercises that will definitely blast your biceps, and will prove hugely effective for you when working to build bigger biceps fast. In fairness if you have been working out for a while then you would have done some or all of these exercises. However, you have to be sure that they are performed with the correct form and technique because if they are not, you will just be wasting your time and your biceps will never have the chance to reach their full potential. Perform each exercise for 3-5 sets once or twice a week at 8-12 reps allowing plenty of time for recovery. Work to fatigue, still making sure you maintain good from. This is the best way to build your biceps.

a) Standing Barbell Curl/ EZY Bar

You can perform this exercise with either a straight bar or an ezy bar. This is a great exercise for building muscle mass on your biceps.

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and grasp the bar using an underhand grip, hands should also be roughly shoulder width apart. Curl the bar up nice and slowly focusing intensely on the contraction of your biceps. Do not swing or use momentum to curl the bar, especially towards the end of the set when your biceps start to fatigue. Make sure that just your arms are moving, and try to keep your elbows firmly locked to the side of your body.

Then lower the weight, taking 3-4 seconds resisting the weight on the way down to emphasize the negative part of the exercise. Never let gravity pull the weights down.

Never bend your wrist and try to keep them in a straight neutral position.

b) Incline Dumbbell Curls

This exercise will work some slightly different fibres in your biceps and can help to give you that peak bicep look, and is another great way to build biceps fast.

Sit back on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand, making sure to keep your elbows well forward throughout the movement, curl the weight upward and towards your shoulder level. Really squeeze your biceps hard at the top position. Bring the weights down again, making sure you remain fully in control with good form and technique.

c) Hammer Curl

The Hammer curl works both sides of your biceps and has the added benefit of working the outside of your forearms. This has proven to be hugely effective exercise to build big biceps.

The method is remarkably similar to incline dumbbell curl except you will be using a hammer grip on the dumbbell. try to think of it as if you are holding a hammer and banging some nails in. You perform this exercise whilst in the standing position as opposed to sitting down.

d) Build Big Biceps Tips

Focus on the contraction of your biceps throughout the motion. Never attempt to lift weights that are too heavy and always ensure you never compromise your form and technique just to show off.

By turning slightly and squeezing, making sure you really contract your biceps at the top of the movement you’ll build a much higher peak on your biceps. Like all exercises, make sure to stretch the biceps between sets. This helps to flush out all the lactic acid and will help your biceps recover better for the next set.

Remember to change up the order of the exercises you perform after 6-8 weeks. This will really help to shock your biceps into new growth, just watch those arms develop as you work to build huge biceps fast!

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