Some Of The Benefits Of Carrying Out Drug Testing In Your New York Company

December 31, 2011 · Posted in Health 

The need to have drug free employees has caused many companies to test if their employees are using such substances. The main reason behind this is the need to have workers who are efficient in doing their tasks. Besides, drug testing in your New York company has many benefits that can push you to adopt it on your firm’s employment process.

The first benefit of carrying out random employee and pre-employment substance abuse test is to ensure that the work place is safe. These tests will allow you to have a working environment that is free from substance abuse related accidents, injuries and crimes. These tests help increase job’s safety and ensure you have a secure and safe environment.

With the pre-employment tests you will avoid having employees who are substance abusers. While, random employees tests will prevent your employees from coming to work under the influence of drugs. Another benefit is that it improves quality and productivity of work.

It is important for any company to have a professional environment and employee productivity. Substance abuse reduces employee productivity which is a significant problem on the firm’s health. Therefore, these tests will ensure that you have a healthy environment which leads to increase in job quality and overall productivity.

According to studies carried out, when employees who abuse drugs are done away with the firm’s productivity increases significantly. The other benefit of these tests is that they help reduce health costs in the firm. These tests effectively eliminate employees with substance abuse and therefore clean the system. Getting rid of these employees can save the firm a considerable amount of money that would have been used in paying for health insurance premiums.

These addicted employees tend to have sudden mood swings and irritating behaviors, which may cause very severe work accidents. Eradicating these employees helps you avoid costs that will be used in medical treatments of these employees either due to illnesses or workplace accidents which is mostly caused by their addiction.

Another way the firm can save money by using these tests is by saving on recruitment costs like training, hiring and firing. The other benefit is that they help in maintain discipline and integrity. Having these tests will help you have a drug free environment, which will accommodate values like productivity, professionalism, discipline and integrity. By carrying out these tests, they will enable you to get rid of addicted workers. Thus, reduce unscrupulous workplace behavior and workplace accidents which might be due to substance addiction.

When the addicted workers are fired, it will act as a caution to other workers indicating that the firm does not tolerate any drug abusers. In addition, there are many ways that you can use in carrying out a drug testing in your New York company. They include saliva test, follicle examination, and urine test. Follicle test can be carried out in the laboratory while urine and saliva test can be carried out in the office.

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