Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t simple, but it is still the honest thing

December 31, 2011 · Posted in Legal 

What do you do when you suspect that the company or organization that you slave for is acting unethically or in a number of cases unlawfully? This is maybe not a question that many people face in our working lives except for some of the people this is often a fact, not to mention a massive quandary. If they do not say anything, then they become consciously part of the difficulty. On the other hand, if they do say something then there is a pretty good possibility that they could be fired. This is what can happen to whistle blowers and this is when a highly skilled team of employment lawyers can help.

At first the term ‘whistle blower ‘ associted in whistleblowing stems from a referee or a detective who blew a whistle to point out an illegal activity or in the case of the referee, foul play. They're perceived in alternative ways. In some examples they are seen as selfless people who are simply standing up for what is right and what is wrong; whereas by others they're seen as ‘tattle tales ‘ who are just interested in personal celebrity and glory. Whatever camp you fall into, whistle blowers are categorized as a protective class.

Under US law, protecting classes are classes of people who it is presumed illegal to be biased against. Protecting classes may also include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age, and therefore if a person is fired from a job because of their whistle blowing activities then a team of employment counsels can be useful.

In the state of California the California Fake Claims Act has been brought in to protect any whistle blower from reprisals from their employers, and thus any employer who transgresses this is breaking the law.

This act means that bosses can't invent any controlling which prevents their employees from giving information regarding the corporation's wrongdoings to a higher authority (generally an administration or law enforcement agency). On top of this an employer may not demote, suspend, threaten, pester or fire any worker that has done so.

How sure are you about your business’s integrity? Yet one want to do the proper things but there are some who do the wrong practices within the office. Krisie Clements writes an article from the standpoint of Los Angeles labor lawyer about the unlawful acts may happened in the office. Read on her article about likelihood of unlawful acts and how
labor lawyer Los Angeles can help resolve the problem.


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