Steps To Selling Your House Fast

July 19, 2012 · Posted in Real Estate 

If you are looking to sell your house and get the best possible money for it then these are your steps to getting that sale. Get them right and you chances of a sale will increase 10 fold.

1. Choose the price you are going to try to sell at

2. Look around you area to choose an agent based on the most sold houses in the area

3. Clean, clean and then clean again, the inside of your house must be clean and looked well looked after

4. Make sure you clean exterior walls pay attention to the walls at the front of the house

5. The front garden must be tidy, again this is all about first impressions

6. Bathrooms collect the most dirt, give them a going over – twice

7. Get you property online, the growing number of online property researchers makes this a must

8. Get the walls touched up and redecorated where needed

9. Photos are the first impression people will see so pay for some good ones if you have to

10. Finally have an open day where you can invite loads of people in one go and hopefully round up two or three interested parties to make offers

Selling a house gets harder as time goes by so make sure you put the effort in as soon as possible! Leaving it to a few months down the line and asking yourself why your property hasn’t sold is no good! The level of interest at the star will be high so make sure you give it the best chances of selling as a few months down the line you will find that there will be a lot less visitors and viewers than there was before.

If you haven’t sold you house as quickly as you wanted to even after you followed the above steps then it might be worth speaking with a socialist agency that offers a quick sale agreement whereby they would give you an instant cash offer, these are great for homes that have been on the market for a long time and still need a sale.

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