Steps to Take to Prevent Your Dog from Digging

July 6, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Many people ask us concerning pet dogs, and precisely why they dig. It may be extremely frustrating for individuals investing money and time in service dog certification training and then they get back home and the dog heads out within the yard simply to tear it to shreds. You just think to yourself, he just did so good with all his commands at training, why can’t he behave at home? Maybe you might even think he’s letting off a bit of steam, or demonstrating his aggravation with just about all the substantial training you might be placing him through. Well in reality, there are many reasons precisely why a dog digs. Some dig to stay cool, while others to get on the reverse side of the fence so he can go visit his friends down the block. Some dig simply because they think they feel critters under the earth that they really want to capture. There are other dogs who are simply digging out of pure boredom. For any reason digging can leave your yard in pretty bad shape. Therefore here are a few ideas to stop the digging. While considering the suggestions below, keep in mind, that service dog certification training should definitely help solve this problem.

First you will have to watch to determine where and when your dog is digging in order to understand why he is digging. If he’s digging simply because he is warm, dogs don’t sweat effectively and so they will not cool down as successfully as humans. Digging directly into moist soil and after that laying in it can provide summer season relief. Try putting a child’s pool along with water in it under a shaded tree.

In the event that they’re digging along the fence to get to the other side, try putting bricks down next to the fence so just about all they’re digging at may be the bricks. They will try for hours and not really get anywhere except maybe their own nails filed down some and also exhausted. But anyway they shall be preoccupied for a while.

In the event that they are digging simply because they really feel critters, buy them a bone with the marrow within it so that they concentrate on the bone and marrow and forget about the critters.

If they may be digging out of monotony, it could be that you aren’t doing your job simply by walking them or perhaps providing them with far more physical exercise. So maybe locate someone to walk them once daily or maybe toss a ball for an hour or so each day too. Keep your dog busy and mentally excited.

Trying to receive your service dog certification may be plenty of work, however don’t help to make it tougher on yourself or your dog by simply screaming at them for digging in your yard. Rather, investigate the reason they may be digging, and resolve this issue for them. In case you already have a lawn littered with holes, you may want to fill the holes with water, which often discourages them from making the holes any larger.

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